Our customised study tours aim to provide Chinese students with a unique insight into Australia’s education environment.   Study tours will provide you with the opportunity to participate in classes, excursions and special events.   During a study tour experience, you will also have the opportunity to observe the business practices and build relationships with representatives from the local communities.


It provides students with 'hands on' cultural learning experience while giving them credit towards their studies. Students will learn vital skills they will be able to introduce into their practices once they return to China. This will broaden their understanding of how their study works from a global perspective.


A great way to experience Australia, cultural study tours include visits to some of Sydney’s main cultural attractions and provide you with an opportunity to view Sydney from a local perspective.

Tour excursions include everything from visits to iconic Sydney landmarks to bushwalking, city visits, beach and water activities.


A customised program can be tailored to suit your needs. You can create your own tailored tour experience, incorporating:

  1. Professional development
  2. Skills development
  3. English language courses
  4. Training in a range of courses
  5. Cultural site visits
  6. On-site industry visits
  7. Internships.